My Projects

I won’t be posting all the dirty deets about my babies, erm projects, but I figured anyone reading my blog might like to have a smidge of an idea what I’m working on, so this little page is all about my current writing goings-on.


Star Kings

It’s sort of a fantasy in that there isn’t really magic involved, but it’s got definite fantastical elements like “you are the chosen one” dreams and destiny/fate yada yada. The main character, who’s an absolute joy to write, is named Dastan (if you recognize this name from somewhere, shhhh) and he’s a very dynamic character, at least to me. He’s not reckless or thoughtless or bold like a good deal of other leading males in fantasy; he’s very much a follow-the-leader sort of guy, and he feels and loves very deeply. He’s sensitive, but not in a weak way. He cares, and when chosen for something greater, he knows that he has to do his duty, he has to do what’s right. And he does it.

Sorry, I sort of just rambled a bit there. I just really LOVE my MC. Can you tell? xD

Anyway that’s a very small portion of it. It’s a five-book series, and it’s incredibly complex to write. I have dozens of characters to write, 3-4 languages spoken throughout the series, at least eight character deaths, settings ranging from windy Northern mountains to seaside cities to desert kingdoms to forests, only a few thousand or so subplots to successfully weave in and out of the main plot without making readers’ eyeballs pop out of their skulls. So it’s very interesting, to say the least.

Glenbrooke Hall

This novel is pretty much the polar opposite of my other work in progress (see above). It has only around 4-5 major characters, and is set entirely in a small village called Glenbrooke (based of the actual town of Montacute, where the real-life version of Glenbrooke Hall, Montacute House, is located). It’s a love story, tragic, and I can see it, but it’s just not clicking for me right now, so it’s on the back-burner. I will still write it one day soon, but I’m just not getting the “green light” vibe yet with it.


What do you think?

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