Thoughtful Thursday: Bookish Things I’m Thankful For

Thoughtful Thursday2

Bookish Things I’m Thankful For

Thoughtful Thursday is a meme hosted here at The Nighttime Novelist, in which I share my thoughts on a certain topic relating to writing, reading, and (on very special occasions) random things.

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it, and Happy Thursday to those of you don’t. I figured that with the whole gratitude theme of this particular holiday, I would consider what bookish things I’m most thankful for, and I came up with a few things in no particular order.

(Note: Because I’m rather thick at times, I didn’t realize The Broke and the Bookish was actually doing a Thanksgiving-themed Top Ten Tuesday; otherwise I would’ve posted it on Tuesday. My bad.)


1. Bookcases

This is so basic but, I mean, stacks of books can only go so high before they a) fall over, or b) block air traffic. So I’m very grateful to have a bookcase, even if I really do need another one since the books are starting to come out of my ears.

2. Bookish Friends

I’m so glad to have friends both on and offline who share my love of books. If I had no one to talk to about writing or books I’m reading or other bookish things, I’d probably be pulling my hair out by now. It’s so wonderful to be able to connect to people over books, and I’m so thankful I have those people in my life.

3. Ballpoint Pens

I am such a pen snob, it’s a little ridiculous. I once wrote a petition to a school teacher stating that pencils were a tyrannic assault on my rights as a citizen of the world; I feel quite strongly about pens, and ballpoint pens—though expensive—make me feel confident and classy.

4. Blogging

Sharing book-love is a huge thing for me, like I said. Blogging gives me the chance to meet others who love reading/writing just as much as I do, and I’ve found some amazing new books to read in the process.

5. Microsoft Word

I can’t help it; I just really love the look and feel of Word. I mean, I could still write with Notepad or Open Office, but it wouldn’t be the same.

6. Goodreads

I LOVE GOODREADS SO MUCH DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! It’s such a great way to keep track of my books and what’s going on in the literary world. I can see what’s on my TBR list and I can figure out what books to read next and I can join groups and discussions and meet other book-lovers. It’s awesome.

7. Printing Press

When you think about the fact that before printing presses, all books were handwritten (which took just about forever), it’s a bit of a “whoa” moment. If we didn’t have the system we did, there probably wouldn’t be a lot of people reading, which would really suck.

8. Powell’s Books

The largest independent new and used bookstore in the world. It’s probably my favorite place except perhaps Hogwarts and England. But seriously, if you don’t walk in and tear up at the sheer beauty of it, there’s something wrong with you.


I hate dog-earing—it’s book abuse, do not deny it—so bookmarks, especially with cool quotes or designs, are awesome for me. I’m a little bit ridiculous about them. I have a bookmark in just about every color, and whatever bookmark I use has to match the book cover. If the cover is blue, the bookmark must be blue. Don’t judge me, I was born this way.

10. BOOKS!!!!!

What are some bookish/non-bookish things you’re thankful for?


3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Bookish Things I’m Thankful For

  1. All over the above although I am Mac so quite like Pages but I am sure there is a better looking app out there to write on! Until then I am stuck between Pages and Word for Mac!

    I love being part of the book community as there is no judgement even if we disagree with each others book choices!

    Happy Thanksgiving :D

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