WWW Wednesdays #1

WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. It’s a chance for us all to talk about books we’ve just read, books we’re reading now, and books we’re planning on reading soon.

Ash by Malinda Lo

In case you aren’t following me on Twitter and are thus spared my daily intellectual wisdom (in which I talk about highly sophisticated topics such as butts and how many ways one can use a particular swear word in a sentence), I was drooling over this book the second I saw it, and when I finally got it, I had to wait to read it for nearly a week because of stupid life, and it just sat there on my shelf looking seductive and alluring until I couldn’t take it anymore and I scrapped all my work to curl up with it for the afternoon.

“Why, Sam, what makes this book such an irresistible temptation?”

1) It’s a Cinderella retelling.

2) Cinderella’s a freaking BADASS.

3) How can I NOT love a book which is basically a gay version of a traditional fairytale? I mean, you guys, let’s be real here. This is the good stuff. There’ll be a review coming up next Wednesday (November 20) so check back in if you’d like to know what I thought. Hint: I loved it.

This was really a neat coincidence because the book was set in Philadelphia and I was actually on a flight bound for that very city when I read this. There should be a review up within a few weeks.

Reading Now

This one is nice and light, so I’ll probably finish it in like 30 minutes. All the coffee talk is making my mouth water, and I don’t even like coffee.

It’s taking me a while to get through this one, but I like it. Ophelia’s got spunk.What's Next

Book #5 on my Netgalley November list, because the Easy Level was too, well, easy. :)

What are your reading plans this week? I’d love some recommendations for my TBR list to liven things up a bit. Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading!


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