Back Again…

So, my last post was in May if memory serves. And that’s…well, that’s not exactly ideal. I seem to have a knack for slacking off. Who knew?

I structured this blog like I would a job or a project with a deadline, and so I came to think of it as such, and that turned out to be not such a great thing. So I’ve decided, after some serious pondering, that because I tend not to work overly well with heavy structure, I’m going to throw out the whole original idea. I will, however, try to post at least once a week or so, to at least try to keep some regularity.

If you’re still interested in TNN, I’m grateful. Actually, ecstatic. That was a long break.

Now, on to business, aka news, aka random bits and pieces about the happenings of the past few months.

I have very little to show writing-wise. School has been gradually scraping away at my brain cells since August, but hopefully Winter Break will help me refuel and recharge. I have, thank God, had a few epiphanies about my writing that have given me some insight into how to proceed. And I’ve been watching/reading a lot of good fantasy like LOTR (who’s seen The Hobbit? It was amazing) to inspire me. A friend of mine is also motivating me to get my a** in gear; she recently finished her first novel and is now deep in the endless bog of revision, making me both jealous and determined to catch up (I’m just a wee touch competitive). So wish me luck!


If anyone reading writes fantasy/sci-fi, I found a lovely webpage with additional links to other lovely webpages which I’ve found quite useful for my own writing. Check it out!


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