Writing Tidbits 4-14-2012

Music and Writing

Over the years I have heard many different opinions on listening to music during writing sessions. Some say it “gets you in the mood”, while others say it is distracting and/or unhelpful. Personally, I tend to lean towards as little noise as possible. There are a few times when I listen to music, usually instrumental, but for the most part, I just make sure all the TVs are off and none of my neighbors are mowing their lawns.

I used to take a page from Stephenie Meyer’s book and create a soundtrack for my books, but I’ve fallen out of the practice, mostly because I tend to get so engrossed in picking the right songs that I forget about the actual story. I’m very easily distracted, and I find that I can’t make any stops, so to speak, on the story’s road. In order to be productive, I can’t afford to let myself be swept away by anything other than outlining or writing.

This is one of those practices that varies by author, and I’m very curious to know what other writers do. Is music a part of your writing session, or do you prefer a different environment?

What do you think?

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