The Writer’s Memoirs 4-11-2012

This post was actually supposed to have been up yesterday, but unfortunately things didn’t quite pan out as I’d hoped. Life has been rather chaotic for the past week or so. I started back at school again on Monday, which meant much less time for writing and blogging, and added to that, yesterday I had to attend a birthday party that lasted more than 3 hours.

I haven’t made a single bit of progress with Glenbrooke, but I am proud to say that I’ve gotten a good 50 pages into a very intriguing book (which I just might review next month). I’ve committed to plotting out the next 2 chapters by Sunday, so hopefully I’ll at least get that done, if not more. School just sucks away all my time, but thankfully I’ve only got another month and then (finally!) some free time, at least for a week or two.


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